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Youth Parliament

'Novum principium'

17-19 April 2019

About the conference

The Daly College Youth Parliament 2019 is the 6th edition of the annual Model UN/Youth Parliament conference hosted by Daly College. It will be hosted from 17-19 April 2019. Delegates from schools all over India participate and debate on important world issues and try to come up with a solution. This year, Daly College is hosting 8 Youth Parliament committees from all around the world. The theme for this year is 'Novum Principium', which means, 'A New Beginning.'  



Daly College

The Daly College, Indore is a renowned institution of learning. The school's motto is 'Gyan Mev Shakti' which translates to 'Knowledge is Power.' The primary motive of the school is, "To foster a democratic environment that encourages lifelong participation in the acquisition of knowledge and is supportive, innovative and demanding of excellence, combining the best of traditions with modernity. DC aims to develop well- rounded, independent thinking and confident individuals with leadership and communication skills who are socially, emotionally, and spiritually secure.