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The Committees

The Constituent Assembly of India

Note by the chairperson

Dear Representatives, welcome to the 2nd edition of the Daly College Youth

Parliament under the 6th edition of the Daly College Model United Nations. I am 

Khush Bhachawat, a 12 grader Humanities student and will be chairing the 

Constituent Assembly of India,1947. Along with me are Mahika Vats and Meher

Kulkarni as the Vice Chairperson and the Rapporteur respectively.

Representatives, I am an avid reader, a passionate dramatist and have a flair 

for sports. The committee, as exciting as it sounds, will be debating upon equally 

enthralling, yet, issues of great concern. As the chairperson of the committee, 

I would expect substantial as well as fruitful debates to take place. Reaching to a

consensus will be key to this conference. Though, needless to say, you all have 

to be very well researched and opinionated. Rest assured, I can guarantee that

the committee will be full of fun and breathtaking instances. 

Awaiting your arrival. Hope to have a wonderful conference with you all!

Note by the chairperson

U.s. Congress on the conduct of war

Munners! Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Daly College Youth Parliament under the 6th edition of the Daly College Model United Nations. I am Gaurika Anand, a 12 grader and will be chairing the United States Congress Joint Committee on the Conduct of War. Yajurva Shrotriya will be your Vice-chair, along with Mahika Jain and Eshaan Anand as the Rapporteurs. When you don’t see me munning or debating, you will find me in front of the Netflix screen!  Since we are going back in time the only source of entertainment would be committee debates, so let's make them as interesting as a Netflix series! Feel free to contact me for any details, I will be happy to help you with any doubts or questions you have. We hope to have an amazing conference with all of you. Happy researching!

Paris Peace Conference

Note by the chairperson

What if you had the chance to do things again? Would you do things differently? Would you make sure that you don't repeat your mistakes? This is the idea of behind the Daly College Youth Parliament. On behalf of the Executive Board of the Paris Peace Conference, I welcome you to the DCYP 2019. My name is Vidit Juneja and like all teenagers, I am trying to figure out my purpose in life. I am a grade 12 science student who likes to watch shows and solve math problems. I expect you all to be thoroughly researched. I don't have to remind you how important this committee is to the world. Together with me, I have Arushi Jain as the vice-chair and Shaurya Jain as the rapporteur. This committee shaped our world.

In the end I would like to say that please do not let the committee be boring. The fate of the world and my entertainment is in your hands.

Note by the chairperson

It is my pleasure to welcome you all to the 2nd edition of the Daly College Youth Parliament. I am Rudra Saigal, an 11th grader, and will be chairing the Confederation of Indian States. Along with me, Sahajveer Singh and Pranayini Singh will be serving as the vice-chair and rapporteur for the committee, respectively. So a little about myself, I’m an avid public speaker and debater – and that’s most of what I do. I’ve been doing MUNs since I was 11 years old and have been to numerous conferences. Also, I absolutely love to act and dramatics is my sincerest passion! Other than that, I can be found watching all sorts of TV shows and films from dead-end corners of Netflix or playing with my dogs. I hope that you guys are well versed with the agenda and are all set to deal with any and all crisis scenarios. I expect high levels of debate and obviously
drama, but conclusive work by you all.

Confederation of Indian States

Iranian war Cabinet​

Note by the chairperson

Dear Delegates,

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to The Daly College Youth Parliament 2019. The Irani War Cabinet is set in the year 1980, When Iraq invaded Iran. Therefore this is a special committee made to defend Iran and it it's Islamic Revolution. 

A little about the executive board, your chairperson; Pradyuman Chandhok is in grade 11, as are your Vice Chairperson Shalavya Agrawal and rapporteur Aditya Oberoi. And as the executive board of the committee, we look forward to healthy discussion and fruitful solutions.

Until April

Pradyuman Chandhok​

Note by the chairperson

Lok Sabha

Hello delegates,

I am Mohit Patwari and i will be the chair of the Lok Sabha in the Daly College Youth Parliament 2019. I am a 12th grade science student. I have keen interest in sports. I am a die hard fan of Manchester United. I am also a cricketer and I play at the school level. I have been going to MUN conferences around the country since grade 9. I have attended 10 conferences and 2 as a part of the executive board. This is my debut as a chair. I am a very chilled out person in the informal sessions but very serious too during committee sessions. I know this is the Lok Sabha committee but unfortunately our committee neither shows up with plastic chairs that can be thrown nor pepper sprays that can be sprayed around. I wish you all the best and i wish to see some fruitful discussion in the committee.

Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union

Note by the chairperson

Hello, Delegates! I am Mradul Goyal, your Chairperson for this MUN, and it is my pleasure to welcome each of you to the Daly College Youth Parliament 2019. I look forward to chairing the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union this year, and hope to see intelligent solutions, constructive debate and compromise through the course of the conference so that we are able to achieve a solution to prevent the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

A little about me, I am a science student in grade 12. I have attended more than 10 MUNS as a delegate and 3 MUNS as an executive board member. I am a typical sleep-deprived student and when I am not sleeping you can find me reading books and binge-watching TV shows(if u don’t like HIMYM this is not the place for you). I am a huge fan of cricket as well.

If you have any questions or concerns about the committee or the agenda, please free to contact us at

Note by the chairperson

International Press

Greetings delegates,

I, Padmakshi Devi, will be chairing the International Press for the 2nd Edition of the Daly College Youth Parliament. Along with me are Ashmi Jha, my co-chair, and Zahra Chandurwala and Aanika Chandok, my vice chairs.  As your chairs, we will be moderating the committee sessions and expect sincere, competitive and dedicated journalism in these three days of intense committee sessions. 

Since DCYP's IP is a novice committee, we believe it will be an indelible learning experience for y’all. Please do not hesitate in contacting us before, during or after the conference. We shall be more than happy to answer your queries. Looking forward to an enriching and a fun Youth Parliament with all of you!