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Address By the Principal

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Address by the MUN Co-ordinator

Novum Principium! 'New Beginning 

Dear Delegates this is the theme for the DC Historic Parliament. It seems a paradox when actually the committees are going to be deliberating on some resultant events of the past.  The theme here is talking of a “new beginning”. We all know we cannot change the past but we also should be aware of the fact that we can learn from the past, not make the same mistakes in the present and also improve on the whatever good has been done earlier. We cannot erase what has happened but we can write a new future. We can start afresh!

This conference is for you to ponder over what the previous generation could have done or rather not done to make a better today. Also how the events of the past have affected the present. So, though it can only be in one’s imagination, think of how you could change the present by taking judicious decisions in the various committees of the past you are going to participate in. May be then you, the future of the country, can think of influencing the actions of people today to make a better tomorrow.

May be then you can make a new beginning!

All the best to you delegates!